Welcome to Viking Tales, where we believe our coverage of Portland State University athletics is unsurpassed. Then again, it should be the pinnacle because the Vikings are our only focus.

It’s all we do.

We hear excuses around the clock concerning why PSU doesn’t receive more coverage from the mainstream media in the Pacific Northwest. You know who they are. Sure, the local newspaper or one or two TV stations will occasionally make the short drive over to the Park Blocks to find out what’s happening with Vikings athletics, but do they actually supply the daily coverage, news and insight sought by demanding PSU fans craving to be well-informed, amused, provoked and inspired? (Insert laugh track here).

Well, if you’re one of those Vikings fans, or even if you’re not, you’re in luck.

Bravely filling the void, we founded Viking Tales to give insistent PSU fans what they want – and deserve. We plan to cover ALL PSU teams with an emphasis on football, basketball (men’s and women’s) and recruiting. But we’ll also afford soccer, volleyball, softball, tennis and golf (the so-called ‘Olympic’ sports) plenty of coverage too.

Yes, it’s a niche appeal, but we strongly believe an abundant number of Vikings fans are out there to sustain this new effort at entrepreneurial journalism for a subject matter more popular than many so-called media experts believe (or willing to admit). So, we’re taking a little risk — free (unless you want to donate), fresh, familiar and, we hope, fun for Portland and the Pacific Northwest. Actually, Viking fans anywhere!

What do you have to do? Read our stuff! Oh, and enjoy the photos and video of your favorite Vikings athletes in action. It will all be there.

My credentials? Glad you asked! I’ve been employed on a full-time basis for more than a decade by a website devoted to coverage of South Carolina and the SEC. As a credentialed media member, I’ve covered major New Year’s Day bowl games, the College World Series in Omaha, Neb. and countless other events associated with ‘big time’ college sports, and gladly interviewed iconic coaches and athletes along the way.

Yeah, it has been a great ride. But now the time has come to try a new adventure. What better place than Portland State? Exactly.

The primary navigation bar near the top of the page provides drop-down menus for every PSU team we cover that contains the most comprehensive information found under a single click in any local medium.

We are at the beginning, far from complete. New features will be added as time goes on. Free from the costs of print, we are confident Viking Tales will grow and flourish — with your help. So, read our stuff! We believe you’ll like it.

Here at Viking Tales, we welcome your input! My contact information is below if you want to communicate your ideas, suggestions, praise, criticism, whatever is on your mind.

Undeniably, it’s a new day for PSU Vikings fans. We intend to give you a legitimate reason to come back here day after day after day in order to quench your thirst for Portland State athletics news.

We hope you keep reading!


Scott Hood

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