Femigra Review

Femigra Review:  Not Easily Available Online  

Brand: Femigra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer:‎ Sun Remedies

Country of Manufacture:India

Femigra Package Image

Review and Description

Femigra, as the name suggests, is meant for female sexual dysfunction or what is termed in general as female frigidity. It contains Sildenafil Citrate. Femigra is supposed to fill the gap in the target market related to the need for female Viagra.

This female exclusive product has been produced by Sun Remedies operating in India.  Sun Remedies is located in Chandigarh in India since 2009. It deals with chemicals and chemical products and is a small-sized enterprise. It’s not clear as to what other medicines are produced by Sun Remedies in the range of sexual dysfunction products or elsewhere. There is not even a website for this pharmaceutical company.

Containing Sildenafil Citrate as its prime constituent, Femigra produces an increased blood flow to the vagina before the intercourse, accompanied with a degree of sexual arousal. As a result, the vaginal muscles relax, the female libido heightens, and the responsiveness to sexual stimulation increases. This allows the sexual partner to penetrate the vagina easily during the course of the sexual activity and brings about mutual satisfaction to both the partners.

Customer Reviews

In comparison to male erectile dysfunction products, since the market is not flooded with medicines to treat female sexual dysfunction, one would have expected a brand like Femigra to do very well and have a sizable following in terms of customers. However, the case is on the contrary. The search for reviews drew a nil, as nothing can be found recommending Femigra, or even discrediting it. Frigidity or feminine sexual coldness is a very real problem faced by the majority of women. In fact, almost every second woman happens to experience this issue at some point in time. Thus, one would have expected Femigra to catch the attention of the female target market very easily due to lack of competition. But it appears that either the product is under advertised by its manufacturer i.e., Sun Remedies, or that it failed to create the results that it was meant to create in some of the women who might have given it a try. The absence of reviews hasn’t exactly helped Femigra, as one finds it hard to find it effective and safe enough to recommend to readers. In fact, readers are strictly advised to stay away from unknown and less than popular products in the male as well as female sexual dysfunction area.

Pricing and Dosage

The pill happens to be pink considering an affinity to female senses, as opposed to the typical blue color of most of the male erectile dysfunction products.

Femigra is offered in 50 mg strength

Femigra is offered in 50 mg strength. The price for one tablet happens to be €2.35 ($1.21) and one blister pack consists of 4 tablets. Buying more pills enable more savings to the customers.

How to Buy Femigra Online

Femigra from Sun Remedies doesn’t happen to be available in online pharmacies. Some other brands are available being sold as Female Viagra. Even in some of the online pharmacies where Femigra happened to be available, it has appeared to be a sold out product. This may mean a number of things: the product was not that successful in providing relief to women suffering from sexual dysfunction, or that it was meant as an experimental product from the side of Sun Remedies and has failed to reach the masses. Whatever maybe the case, it appears that it’s not easy to get hold of Femigra from online sources.

How to Use

Femigra is meant for oral ingestion and can be simply taken with a little water at least 45 minutes before indulging in sexual activity.  One tablet of Femigra is sufficed to last for 4 to 6 hours. However, it shouldn’t be paired up with a heavy meal, as this would interfere with the proper and timely absorption of the pill in the body. Femigra may counteract with some medicines, such as other Sildenafil and Nitrate based medicines, or those who have been prescribed medicines to treat infections; hence, it’s better not to combine Femigra with other medicines.

Side Effects

Femigra, just like another medicine, is not without side effects and it’s better to be aware of them before hand. Some of the common side effects are queasy stomach, runny stools, redness in face, migraines, and clogging of the nasal passage. Elderly women should start with the lowest dose of Femigra in order to be on the safe side. Those having liver or renal impairments should also exercise due caution in consumption of Femigra.

Conclusion with Rating

Femigra is the female generic counterpart of Viagra meant to treat frigidity and coldness in females. It works by virtue of increasing the flow of blood to female genitals and relaxing the vaginal muscles, thereby allowing easier penetration and mutual satisfaction for partners. As there aren’t many brands available to treat female erectile dysfunction issues, one expected a brand like Femigra to do very well and have a sizable following in terms of customers; however, it’s surprising to see that there are no reviews from female customers who might have tried Femigra and have found it effective for alleviating their conditions. Even the manufacturer of Femigra i.e., Sun Remedies is a relatively small scale and unknown company in comparison to its more popular contenders in the generic medicine market of India. The product is not as easily available online as other manufacturers’ version. All these factors are enough to rate Femigra the lowest i.e., a mere 1. Thus, it is not advisable at all to take this medicine without consultation with one’s doctor.