Honygra Review

Honygra Review: Unreliable Performance in Intimate Moments

Brand: Honygra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Bennet Pharmaceuticals

Country of Manufacture: India

Honygra Package Image

Review and Description

Honygra, the tablet powered by sildenafil is intended to be used by men when they feel horny and want to make love with their honey, but are worried about their problem of impotence. This tablet is similar to Viagra and would help you to get a penile erection. It does so by increasing the cGMP in the soft part of the penis, which in result increases the blood flow and pressure in the penis. Efficacy of sildenafil containing drugs have been well established and is beyond any doubts. Thus only difficulty remain is finding the right brand, that is not expensive and still works well.

Bennet Pharmaceuticals from India manufactures Honygra. It is a medium sized company, predominantly specializing in the generic drugs. It has more than a hundred drugs in its portfolio. It is a corporation just little old than two decades, in this short time it has come up with a good portfolio of products. The products of the company can be found in the best pharmacies of India. It has a marketing team of around 300 people. However, still, it is a company that claims more than it can offer to the clients. The company claims to follow the WHO GMP and other high standards in producing the drugs but does not produce any proof of accreditations and certifications of the quality of its facilities. Products from such makers cannot be trusted for quality; their product quality is often inconsistent.

Customer Reviews

Honygra has a nice sounding name, and the company makes big claims and assertions about its product, but still, this pill failed to get much attention and reviews. Some of the reviews that are there do not sound genuine or written by some person; they sound as if they are generated by a bot, thus failing to prove effectiveness in real life conditions. Thus it would be tough to make any conclusions about the quality of this pill. Moreover, it is no secret that the market is full of low quality, sub-standard Viagra these days. In pharmaceuticals and healthcare, ethics has to be followed strictly, and even exaggerated claims about the product are regarded as unethical, thus raising the questions and doubts about the quality of the product. We believe that if there is a certain degree of doubt about any medical product than such product should not be used.

Pricing and Dosage

Pricing of Honygra sounds sweet, with one tablet of 100 mg costing less than fifty cents. The product is sold in 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg doses, with 25 mg tablet costing even less than 25 cents. For most men, it would be a good idea to start the treatment with 50 mg and later fine-tune the dose according to effect. Do not take more than one tablet in a day.

How to Buy Honygra Online

How to Buy Honygra Online

Honygra may not be much reviewed, but still, a product that is sold by many online pharmacies. So getting the product is not going to be a big deal. It is one of the cheaper variants of Viagra, and in larger quantities, some of the vendors may also provide free shipping. Offers of Honygra may sound quite tempting due to its low price, but it does not mean that one should neglect the other factors like absence of reviews and small manufacturer with the not much-accredited factory.

How to Use

Though the pack of the Honygra writes that it has honey drops, but that is not true, in reality, the product has sildenafil, which works best when taken sometime before sex, for best results this time interval should be one hour. The pill should not be chewed, but rather swallowed with the help of gulp of water. Alcohol in higher doses may impede the effectiveness of the therapy.

Side Effects

It is never a wise decision to delay any therapy just based on some fears or assumptions, any approved drug, be it Viagra or Honygra are well tested for safety before they go on for sale in the pharmacies. Sildenafil has an excellent safety track record, with few men complaining of headaches, discomfort in the nose, facial redness, and very rarely in the blurring of vision or lost appetite.

Conclusion with Rating

Honygra is meant to improve the life of men, help them enjoy and take pride in their sexual abilities. Safe and efficient ingredient of this pill assures that one gets the real hard erection when feeling horny and planning to make love with a sweetheart. The name of this ingredient is sildenafil or Viagra.

Sildenafil not only improves erection, but also helps to have sex for longer, and sexual satisfaction of both the partners is increased as man recovers very quickly and can engage in multiple sexual acts in a single night. Thus this pill not only improves sexual life of men and their partners but also ensures their psychological well-being.

Honygra is a sweet sounding name, but a product that failed to impress men, which is apparent from the nonexistence of reviews. Bennet Pharmaceuticals is a small time pharmaceutical company that makes it; it is not much known for its quality and standards. Bennet as a company claims more than it can make. In fact, some of the claims on the package of the drug are neither approved nor can be regarded as ethical.  Though the price of the product is quite good, it is always the secondary to the quality. Thus we give this pill 1-star rating, the product to be avoided if you cannot decide about the drug for your erection problem, then better ask a doctor for a recommendation.