Ip-max Sildenafil Review: Designed For Maximum Benefit in Impotence

Brand: Ip-max Sildenafil

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Laboratorio Albis Consumo

Country of Manufacture: Peru

Ip-max Sildenafil Tablet Image

Review and Description

Ip-max Sildenafil, as evident from the name of the product itself, it is a product that is produced on the base of sildenafil as a primary acting component. Sildenafil is classified as a PDE5 blocker, a drug that effectively increases the cGMP in the male sex organs, increased cGMP increases NO in the corpus cavernous. Higher levels of NO are known to dilate blood vessels in genitals, finally resulting in the quick erection of penis on sexual stimulation.

Laboratorio Albis Consumo, the company, based in Peru produces the Ip-max. It is a small local company doing its best to fulfill the deficit of medicines in the local Peruvian market. Peru has been long suffering from the deficit of various medical drugs and is dependent on the imports from different nations. In recent times, lots of small companies have sprung up to fulfill this shortfall, mostly by repacking the drugs imported in bulk. Laboratorio Albis Consumo, produces around forty plus medicaments, mainly by packing the drugs imported in bulk. Thus, it is complicated to say anything about the quality of the medicines made by such manufacturer. Above all, this factory is not known to have any accreditations of international recognition. Laboratorio Albis Consumo is more involved in the distribution of goods, imported from various corners of the world. Though it has many medicines for different health problems, It presently produces only one drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Customer Reviews

Peru is a Spanish speaking nation, with many prominent languages of native Indians spoken widely. It is not a country that has any relevant pharmaceutical industry and is highly dependent on imports for the fulfillment of the local needs. Moreover, e-commerce in this country is still in infancy. Therefore, it is scarce to find the Peruvian product on the internet, which has been widely reviewed, and Ip-max is no exception.

Ip-max is a product that is made by small Peruvian trading company, which often import drugs in bulk and then just repack them, it is not a manufacturer in the real sense. Such business is hard to trust with one’s health, as it is a commercial institution and not an ethical healthcare house. Our advice in such cases is to avoid buying products made by the manufacturer of such low stature.

Pricing and Dosage

Most of the vendors of generic drugs agree that price is one of the most important factors for any person to choose generic above the innovator drug. When it comes to Ip-max that benefit is eroded due to high cost, especially if you are planning to buy only in small quantity. If you buy an only single pack of 100 mg, then a pill may cost as much as 9.49 USD, that is as expensive as original Viagra. However, the good news is that there are huge discounts on bigger order, and also free shipping.

As per company’s website, it is best to start taking the Ip-max from 50 mg once a day, and further adjust the dose according to the clinical outcomes.

How to Buy Ip-max Sildenafil Online

How to Buy Ip-max Sildenafil Online

Though this drug is not very famous among its users, still it is often found on the major online pharmacies, purchasing this pill will not be challenging. If you have decided to opt for this product, do make sure that website offering it does not replace this product with some other brand, it should be bought only from the reliable online store, and do clarify about the shipping terms and conditions, as they differ from vendor to vendor and location to location.



How to Use

Sildenafil works really well for up to 6 hours after taking the pill, after that its effectiveness slowly and gradually diminishes. Thus, all the manufacturers advise taking it an hour before the sexual act. More than one pill is not recommended for a day, as some men are known to be very sensitive to it, and may get a painful erection. For quick action, it is better to be taken without food, just with simple water.

Side Effects

Effectiveness and safety of sildenafil have been demonstrated in the studies that have been carried out for more than one year. The product is known to be quite safe with most side effects mild and short-lived. Facial flushing, nasal stuffiness and loss in appetite were most commonly reported adverse events. Muscular pains and disturbances of vision are rarely reported.

Conclusion with Rating

Ip-max is made for maximum improvement in sexual function and pleasure, as this pill contains sildenafil, which is one of the most effective of molecules till date, for the hard erection in men. It is not only used to treat impotence but has also proved its worth in controlling the rare pathology called pulmonary arterial hypertension.

This product is mainly sold in the Peru, with limited availability in the countries around. Ip-max did not gain much popularity among the online buyers of drugs for erectile dysfunction. It has no reviews, and thus, it is a product that cannot be relied upon.

Laboratorio Albis Consumo is not a big corporation, but rather a Peruvian trading company, with some small-time manufacturing activities. The company has local FDA approval, but the Peruvian regulations are not very demanding on producers of pharmaceutical products. Considering all these factors we would give this product 2-star rating, as not only it is something of unproven quality, it is also a bit expensive for such a generic.