Ovarian Cancer Will Lead To Infertility

Ovarian cancer is one of the female genital common tumors, it is common in women’s reproductive period. Ovarian tissue is complex, all kinds of cancer may occur.

The Cause of Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is related to genetic and family factors, about 20 to 25 percent in patients with a family history of ovarian cancer. In addition to environmental pollution, industrial dust impacts, as well as endocrine factors, continued to induce ovulation, and other factors will also ovarian tumors.

The symptoms of ovarian cancer

1. Abdominal increased intra-abdominal mass, abdominal pain: general slow-growing benign and malignant may be short-term increases rapidly. When the tumor developed to a certain size, abdominal distention regular flu or abdominal mass can be reached gradually grow up. Abdominal pain rarely benign tumors, such as tumor torsion, the tumor ruptured, bleeding or infection, can cause abdominal pain.

2. oppression symptoms: huge tumor can cause short breath, palpitations, leg edema, frequency and constipation, and so on. When the cancer to surrounding tissue and infiltration of oppression or pelvic veins, can cause abdominal pain, back pain or sciatica and leg swelling.

3. Some patients can have abnormal menstruation.

4. Terminal cancer often appeared thinner, severe anemia and other diseases of the evil phenomenon.


Ovarian tumor in the following situations can cause infertility:

1) Ovarian tumor growth too fast too, can affect the blood supply and ovarian ovulation.

2) Some ovarian tumors appear to reverse acute and chronic, rupture, the impact of ovarian blood supply and cause necrosis, then there ovarian dysfunction and ovulation, such as the bilateral nature, the greater impact.

3) Some contain endocrine function in ovarian tumors, such as ovarian thyroid tumors, ovarian particles – theca cell tumor, testicular tumor cells, tumors can be contained because of their different components and have some corresponding hormone, thereby interfering with the ovarian hormones Secretion and normal ovulation, there amenorrhea, bleeding, more hair and infertility, and other symptoms.

4) Some of the vicious or ovarian tumor, the majority of ovarian tissue damage can occur ovarian dysfunction, ovulation, and the surrounding tissue adhesive, such as blocked fallopian tubes, can cause infertility.